Overcoming Burnout as a Yoga Teacher & Reigniting Your Personal Practice

Struggling with burnout as a yoga teacher (or person in general)? Discover proven strategies to ignite your creativity and overcome exhaustion with your personal yoga practice.

3 minutes

Burnout, as defined by the World Health Organization, stems from unmanaged and unruly chronic workplace stress. Whether you’re a committed yoga teacher or a passionate practitioner, experiencing burnout can be frustrating. It can zap your energy, breed cynicism towards your practice, and diminish your motivation to meet obligations. In short—it can make teaching and practicing yoga hard!

And, if you’re a yoga teacher, it’s possible that your burnout may not be a result solely from teaching—it can also arise from daily challenges like balancing self-care with tending to the needs of others in your life. The good news? If you’re experiencing burnout, you are not alone.

There are ways to overcome these obstacles and reignite your passion for your own personal yoga practice while holding space for your students.

Tip #1: Embrace your lifelong role as a student of yoga.

Remember, your journey began as a dedicated student before becoming a yoga teacher. To prevent burnout and keep your creativity flowing, it’s essential to carve out precious moments for your personal practice. Take a peek at your schedule, identify those hidden pockets of time, and immerse yourself in the transformative power of yoga.

Tip #2: Seek inspiration beyond your comfort zone.

When inspiration feels scarce, venture beyond your familiar boundaries and seek fresh perspectives. Attend a class with a different teacher, explore a recently opened studio, enroll in an invigorating online workshop, or indulge in a soul-nourishing yoga retreat. Stepping outside your comfort zone will reignite your passion for yoga and infuse your teaching style with vibrant new ideas.

Tip #3: Simplify and reclaim your time.

If overwhelmed by an avalanche of commitments, it’s a sign that you may have taken on too much. Take a deep breath and create spaciousness in your life. Reflect on your non-negotiables—the essential pillars that keep your world in balance. Identify areas where you can seek support and discover activities that consistently energize you. Prioritize what truly matters and make room for them. This intentional act of self-care serves as a protective shield against burnout.

Tip #4: Share your yoga practice authentically.

Release the pressure to craft the perfect yoga class. Instead, share your personal journey. Approach class planning with the mindset of offering genuine experiences from your own practice. Remember, authenticity and true connection with your students hold greater value than pursuing flawless sequences. Try your best to stay true to exactly who you are—nothing more, nothing less.

Tip #5: Embrace self-compassion along your path.

Burnout does not define your worth, dedication, or practice. It’s a gentle reminder to reassess your life, recognize the need for change, and honor your authentic self. Self-compassion becomes your guiding light in these moments. Allow yourself space for adjustments, seek support from your community, and prioritize your well-being. You deserve it.

Need support? The Yoga Alliance Member Assistance Program offers yoga teachers resources and support to cope with stress and navigate burnout. The Member Assistance Program offers Comprehensive personal and professional wellness support for you and the people you love.